Brauhaus 976

Water, malted barley, wheat malt, hops, yeast
Original wort 13,0
Alcohol by volume 5,7%

This top-fermented beer specialty wins over with its fruity richness and distinctive hop flavour. Following the tradition of historic Franconian beers it keeps all the flavourings of the fresh yeast by being unfiltered. Three different sorts of malt lead to a profound colour and a dominant body. Its perfection lies in the local aroma hop – the flower is intensiv in its fragrancy and yet far from pungent. A fruity complexity at first, with a pleasant bitterness on the finish.

By the way: the number 976 refers to the history of our hometown: the first documentary evidence of Hersbruck is from that year, 180 years before the first documentary evidence of the regional capital. Thus Hersbruck can be dated back to the origins of Nuremberg, as one of the stages of the Golden Route to Prague.

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