Energiewende im Bierglas

Das Solarbierlogo

Das Solarbierlogo

The first Solarbier certificate for Bürgerbräu Hersbruck. All our products have been certified as energetically ecological by the TU München/ Weihenstephan.

Hersbruck, 23rd April 2015 – Bürgerbräu Hersbruck is constantly progressing in its sustainable, resource-friendly production. This has been certified by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) Weihenstephan. Bürgerbräu therefore meets all requirements of the “SIMG Solabier Innovations und Marketing-Gesellschaft” in Pfaffenhofen. The certification of the TUM examines the consumption of thermal and electric energy. It concludes that the regenerative contingent of used energy sources reaches 100% already today. The Bürgerbräu Hersbruck will therefore in future label all its products as „SOLARBIER® – Gebraut mit der Kraft der Sonne“ – brewed with the power of the sun.

“Using regenerative energy sources and therefore acting resource-friendly is part of our corporate strategy,“ says Sonja Weid, co-proprietor and  member of the management board at Bürgerbräu. “Ecology is part of our daily lives. We all pay attention to a reasonable use of resources. It is right and important that we align our brewery to these values, constantly improving it. The certificate is therefore only to be understood as one first step.”

The most important partner in terms of consuming thermal and electric energy is the local provider HEWA. Harald Kiesel, manager of HEWA, is very happy about the TUM certificate. “Bürgerbräu contacted us quite some time ago. HEWA is permanently improving to meet with the ecological awareness of its clients. It was therefore a matter close to our heart to support our partner,” says Harald Kiesl.

Also the First Mayor of the City of Hersbruck is very pleased. “The development of Bürgerbräu perfectly suits the city, being Germany’s first Citta Slow. A resource-friendly production and taking responsibility for our environment as a family craft business are strong signs,” explains Robert Ilg. “As a citizen of Hersbruck, if you consider the splendid ecological assessment of all products of Bürgerbräu, being locally produced and delivered, you can enjoy a good beer with a clear conscience.”