The idea

As a small craft brewery we have been asked more than once, wheather we have an integrated restaurant. Our brewery has its origins as a Kommunbrauerei, a municipal brewery. As such, an integrated pub is somehow historically preset. Just around the corner of our brewery we have owned one of the oldest pubs of Hersbruck for many years – the ‘Glocke’ (the bell). With an integrated butchery for many years this was a meeting point for many local inhabitants, even with an own country fair, and it was the favourite pub of the fire brigade. For some years though it stayed empty. Until… well, until we found suitable tenants, that could hold up to the expectations of a good traditional Franconian cuisine. And in January 2014 it started.

The renovation

At the beginning of the renovations

An imposing renaissance building of the early 17th century (according to the superior office for the preservation of historical monuments of Munich). The façade had set some patina, just as the show card. But the property is at the lower market “Unterer Markt” in Hersbruck, and anyone who doesn’t take the Grabenstaße but the way passt the palace through Hersbruck (also by car) will drive directly towards the building.

Redesigning the façade

We didn’t want to change much of the outward appearance – it should keep its original character. The old show card was removed, the building painted. We decided to paint the new lettering on the building – this harmonizes with the site protection of our city centre. The lead glazing windows of the dining room could luckily be preserved.

The Logo

The Brauhaus Hersbruck is not only the ‘gastronomic home’ of the Bürgerbräu, it is also bearer of the image of our beers. Out of this idea we developed a new design that beautifully connects the historic façade with our current logo.